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Why Hire a Genealogist or Family Historian?

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This can be summed up in two words; experience and expertise. While gathering genealogical data can be fun and very interesting, it is very time and labour intensive and it can become frustrating when one hits a brick wall. 

A professional genealogist has the experience and the knowledge to know where to find the information needed to compile comprehensive family histories. Importantly, the genealogist will also have the experience to know when something is not right. Many documents provide ambiguous information about an individual and sometimes only provides a name. A professional genealogist has the training to evaluate these ambiguous documents and decide which ones are relevant to the studied family and which ones are not.
Time is another factor. Genealogy research is very time consuming. By hiring a professional genealogist, they will produce your family history report and genealogy charts for you. Because of their experience, they will also be able to search through the documents more effectively and they know where and how to focus their research in order to get the best results.

You may also live far away from the place where your ancestors lived. Some documents are not available online and can only be accessed at local archives. Your family may have emigrated to the USA or Australia, for example, and you may be looking to trace your British ancestors, but can't get to the local archives. A genealogist will be able to visit the archives on your behalf and retrieve the necessary documents.Take, for example us, we are a family history and genealogy researcher in Wallasey, so we have easy access to the archives in the northeast of England and north Wales.
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