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What is Genealogy?

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Genealogy is the basic study of family ancestors, documenting the date of birth, marriage, and death. This information is often entered into pedigree charts or family trees in order to show the ancestral links visually. The term genealogy is often used synonymously with the term family history, although this is technically incorrect. While genealogy is the recording of the basic information, family history builds on this by documenting many other obtainable facts about a person’s ancestry. This may include the occupation, education, military service, criminal record, etc. of the lineage in a family and sometimes presenting this in a biographical narrative. All our packages provide family history reports in addition to the basic genealogy data.
For example, if I wanted to create my family tree, I would probably initially go to one of the many genealogy websites to search through the records in order to find my ancestors (some of these records, such as the 1901 census for England and Wales, can be searched for free). This will allow me to start creating my family tree. To record my family history, I need to go beyond just the family tree and look at all the other data available. Because of the vast amount of data available, one often comes across ambiguities when trawling the genealogy sites for data. It takes experience, persistence, training, and a methodical mind to link the data to specific individuals and not to create false links. We possess all of those qualities and will be able to help you with both your genealogy and family history research.